1.Natural look ( Classic lashes, 2D volume or Light KimK ) 135 minutes

Service variants

TOP Lash Artist (£90) - Full Price
£90 BOOK
TOP Lash Artist (£90) - deposit
£40 BOOK
Lash Artist (£75) - Full Price
£75 BOOK
Lash Artist (£75) - deposit
£40 BOOK


Treatment time - up to 2 hr 15 min

Natural look - with this set you can choose between Classic set , 2D volume or wispy Kim k light look.

Classic set will give you a good mascara look and your lashes will

appear noticeably longer and thicker.

With 2D option, thinner and softer lashes are used, applying a few

extensions on one natural lash. This set will making them looking

noticeably fuller and fluttery, but at the same time very natural.

Kim K light - Inspired by Kardashian sisters this set will give you very unique look. As we don’t create perfect top line, the longer lashes in the set will add extra wispy look.

Please note: If you have eyelashes from a previously applied set,

please book a removal appointment. The removal time will be deducted

from your appointment if this has not been done.


Cancellation, rescheduling and missed appointments

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment via email/telephone/text

message. Cancellations and rescheduling up to 48 hours are free of

charge. Cancellations and rescheduling less than 48 hours before your

appointment or missed appointments will result in losing the deposit.


arrive for your treatment without eye makeup. Please don’t apply any

creams/oils around eye area on the day of the treatment - it will help

your eyelash extensions to last longer. If you wear contact lenses and

you feel uncomfortable to keep your eyes closed for 1-3 hours with your

lenses on - please arrive without lenses on or bring a container to

store them during the treatment.